BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass 9595A Review

Buying a new vacuum cleaner can be challenging, especially with the multitudes of different types of machines that are flooding the market.  Therefore, spending a little time researching the different features they each offer and comparing those to what you need, will be extremely helpful when it comes to deciding which vacuum cleaner is right for you and your situation.


Of course you are going to want the best vacuum cleaner you can afford, right?  So let’s begin by sorting out the good and the bad of the BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass.

  • It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to use while cleaning.
  • It has a powerful suction and an innovative brush design so you don’t have to go over and over any given spot to get it clean. You won’t believe how much dirt this thing can pick up!
  • The cyclonic system give’s it powerful, long-lasting power.
  • It comes with a TurboBrush tool to clean your stairs, furniture and more.
  • The canister is extremely easy to empty and clean.
  • It has a multi-level filtration system with a washable foam tank filter.

What a great buy.  The BISSELL CleanView was so easy to put together, which saves loads of time and hassle.  This machine works just as well, if not better than some of the higher end models and it’s great for picking up pet hair.  It cleans the edges very well, it’s powerful enough to raise the pile of your carpet and it’s easy to maneuver.  Impressive!


As with anything else, there will always be some things that aren’t ideal and the BISSELL is no exception.  There were plenty of complaints about how loud it is (which is a matter of perception as there were plenty of people who said it was quiet also).  Another matter of great concern is the large number of complaints from other buyers that their new vacuum cleaner stopped working after four, five and six months and that it frequently overheated.

  • Vacuum is very heavy and it can’t be laid flat to clean under furniture.
  • Several people commented that this machine continually falls over when using the attachments and that the suction is so strong that when using the attachments, the hoses flail around and hit things almost uncontrollably.
  • Customer support gets poor reviews; however, sometimes customer service is a matter of perception.
  • It doesn’t have a handle, so it’s hard to carry around.
  • The power button is in an inconvenient place.
  • The attachment hoses are very short.

As with anything you buy, you can expect to get exactly what you pay for.  Meaning, if you buy a cheap vacuum, you have to understand that you are taking a chance as to whether or not it will hold up.  Sometimes they do and more often than not, they don’t, which means you will have to replace it sooner rather than later.  And that’s going to cost you more money in the long run.

So, if you can afford a more expensive, higher quality vacuum cleaner now, it’s better to go ahead and make the investment.  If you can’t afford a higher quality vacuum cleaner, then the BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass is perfect for you.  And who knows, it might last for years.

Therefore, we recommend this vacuum cleaner, if you absolutely can’t afford something of a little higher quality.  If you can afford to buy something of a little higher quality, go ahead and make the investment now.  Perhaps something like the Shark Navigator or the Shark Navigator Deluxe would be a more cost effective, reliable purchase for you.

The Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner Review

If you are in the market for a new floor steam cleaner, you may want to consider one a Bissell Steam Cleaner. Bissell Steam Cleaners are some of the best on the market, whether you are looking for a carpet steam cleaner or a hardwood floor steam cleaner.

The features of the Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner include chemical free, steam clean-up, lightweight, and quick to start cleaning. Here are what some customers have emailed me in review of the Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner:

Lois P. – The Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner was the first product I ever bought online, and wow it is impressive! I have two messy children, and I’m not exactly the cleanest of cooks, and let me just say, this floor steam cleaner can handle anything I throw at it! I really like how well it is able to maneuver as well cleaning in some of the hardest places to reach. I wasn’t sure I wanted a floor steam cleaner at first, but now I am so glad that I made the purchase to get the Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner. I do suggest pulling it backwards, which they don’t specifically say in the manual. Doing so made the floor steam cleaner direct the steam directly to the floor, making for the best results. Believe or not, I actually can breathe better after using the floor steam cleaner. It truly is amazing! The Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner is cost efficient since I don’t have to keep buying cleaner or pads. I do recommend using distilled water though!

Jeannette E. – I love cleaning, and this Bissell steam cleaner makes it even funner. I am a firm believer in mopping kitchen floors at least a few times weekly, though with your typical mop, that is almost impossible. However, with the Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner, cleaning the kitchen floor is a breeze, and I don’t have to worry about my baby breathing in all those chemicals. This Bissell steam cleaner is utterly fantastic. You do have to go slow when using it, but it really does work incredibly.

Maria A. – I’ve owned the Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner for two years now!! It is hard to believe just how well it works in cleaning the floor. We have a marble floor at home, which is what I generally use it on, and man oh man, it heats up so quickly. I am able to clean the bathroom, hallways, and kitchen in less than 15 minutes, believe it or not. I never thought a floor steam cleaner would work so well. The price has come down on the Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner since I first bought it, so its definitely worth purchasing if you haven’t already. I really love that it doesn’t use chemicals, and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants a floor steam cleaner for their home.