6 Troubleshooting Tips for the Shark Navigator NV22L

shark navigator nv22lNothing is more troublesome than a vacuum cleaner not performing as expected.  The Shark Navigator NV22L and Shark Lift away models will rarely interrupt your schedule because of performance.  But should you experience the machine not working properly here are some simple things to try before considering a return or replacement.

Vacuum is not running when turned on

Check the simplest things first, like is it plugged in properly?  Has the circuit breaker or fuse blown or need resetting?  Is the vacuum switched turned on? (I know…duh?) If the vacuum has not started to run after these checks see the article How to reset the motor thermostat on your Shark Navigator.

Vacuum is not picking up debris as expected.

This symptom is usually due to suction obstruction of some type.  Is the dust cup full? If so see empty dust cup assembly article.  Check the foam filters.  Are they in place properly or do they need cleaning?  If both of these parts are clean and in place then check for other blockages.  Here is a post that helps checking for blockages on the Shark Navigator NV22L.

Vacuum pushes small rugs around while vacuuming.

It is probable that you have the power switch in position II.  This would indicate that the brush roll on is activated and the spinning motion bunches the rug together or moves them around.  To avoid this move the switch setting to position to I, which is the suction only setting.  This will suck the debris from the rug without moving it with the spinning brush roll.

Brush roll does not turn on.

Opposed to the above example, you will want to use the brush roll on.  To do so make sure to pull the handle towards you then release the Floor Power Nozzle.  This disengages the auto-off mechanism.  Make sure that the power switch selection is on position II Brush Roll-On.  If you see a red light on the floor power nozzle, then again refer to checking for blockages on the Shark Navigator NV22L.

The vacuum turns itself off.

It is not possessed and an exorcism is not needed.  But you will most likely have to reset the Motor Thermostat.  Visit the article How to reset the motor thermostat on your Shark Navigator. Since this vacuum is corded and not a cordless vacuum cleaner, you won’t have to consider battery drain as a potential source of the problem.

You are experiencing restricted air flow.

Again here the problem is usually due to some kind of blockage.  Clear and clean the dust cup assembly, cyclonic chamber, and foam filters.  Make sure all of the attachments are clear of blockages and has the appropriate suction strength.  If not utilize the checking for blockages on the Shark Navigator NV22L article to clear all other airways.

These 6 tips for troubleshooting your Shark Navigator NV22L or Shark lift away model should remove any temporary interruption of your service.  Should you need to exercise your warranty, contact Euro-Pro for further customer service.


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