Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners for 2019 (update)

Why Choose An Upright Vacuum?

Upright vacuum cleaners are by far the most popular type of vacuum in the United States. The best upright vacuums are excellent at deep-cleaning carpets and provide adequate suction power to remove dirt, dust and small debris from your floor. Upright vacuums are easy to maneuver and store, and they come in a variety of sizes and strengths of suction power. Some are bagless while others require the use of a bag for collecting dirt and dust. With some uprights you may get several on-board cleaning tool options while others may only include one or two. Keep reading to find out which are the top rated upright vacuums according to those who own them.

In most cases, upright vacuum cleaners contain a fast revolving brush that comes into contact with the carpet and combined with the vacuum suction power, dust dirt and debris are lifted and swept up into the vacuum. Depending on the quality of the model you may find that the vacuum has one motor to run both the revolving brush and suction or in more expensive models, two motors each operating the individual parts.

Uprights were originally designed only for carpets and due to the motorized rotating brush were not very effective on hard floor surfaces. This was because the dirt and debris would be scattered across the floor as it came into contact with the brush spinning at a high speed.  In recent years and with advances in technology, some models now offer “multi-floor” features making them suitable for both carpets and hard surfaces like wood and tiles.

Benefits of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

  • Efficiently clean all types of carpet
  • Have a feature to clean hard floor surfaces
  • Have accessories to clean hard to reach areas
  • Be easy to maneuver and not too heavy
  • Provide an easy method to remove the stored dirt & dust
  • Offer excellent filtration

There are some things to consider if purchasing an upright. The design makes them quite uncomfortable to use on stairs or to carry to another level of your home if required. Some models weigh in excess of 20lbs which can also make vacuuming quite a tiring and physical task. Look out for extra features like an extendable cleaning wand to improve access and to enable you to vacuum curtains and furniture.

So why should you buy an upright vacuum cleaner? In comparison to other types, uprights are often the most economical choice. The price does vary depending on the number benefits and features that the vacuum cleaner has to offer and if you decide you would like to purchase an upright vacuum, be sure to view our comparison chart to select one that fulfills your requirements. Another point in the favour of the upright is that they do offer a superior clean to carpets and the top rated uprights are among the best vacuum cleaners you can buy.

You also have the option of choosing an upright that uses a bag to store everything that is collected, or a dirt chamber which is a transparent container allowing you to see everything that is inside and how close to being full it is also. The original and still one of the most popular vacuums to use this technology was the company Dyson. We recognize that Dyson vacuums are one of the most expensive available, however truly believe that the quality of the product is superior and worth the extra. You can read Dyson reviews here and also see how they match up in our comparison table against other upright vacuum cleaners.

Product Review Comparison Table

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1. Shark Navigator (NV356E) Professional Lift-Away, Upright Vacuum


Sshark navigator lift away upright vacuumhark is a well-known and trusted name in vacuums. Uprights are some of their best-selling styles and many Sharks are getting great reviews from their customers. The Shark Navigator NV356E gives you many features you may find work for you, your cleaning needs, and your home.


  • Designed with Never loses suction technology
  • Lightweight so it is easy to carry room-to-room and push around
  • Swivel steering for easy maneuvering around corners, obstacles and furniture
  • Equipped with an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Designed with an Advanced Cyclonic Technology to separate fine dirt from the air to prevent filter clogging and provide longer, powerful suction
  • Includes a Superior HEPA filtration system for picking up and capturing more dirt, debris and allergens
  • Includes Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment for cleaning hard floor surfaces plus one Microfiber Pad for more dirt pick-up

Customer Reviews:

If you want powerful suction, according to customers who own the Shark Navigator, that is what you will get. This vacuum picks up dirt your old vacuum left behind. Customers love how this vacuum’s power stays strong from job to job and even through the life of the vacuum. With the 30 foot cord, you won’t have to worry about having to re-plug everywhere you go. Customers also had positive reviews regarding the HEPA filter system. You can tell the air is cleaner after each vacuum and see the results when you remove and rinse the easy-to-clean filter. Other positive remarks were made regarding the large capacity dirt bin and the easy steering ability this cleaner provides Overall, this is a top rated and highly recommended vacuums.

2. Hoover Anniversary Self-Propelled WindTunnel (Bagged Upright)

hoover upright anniversary windtunnelDon’t wear yourself out pushing heavy vacuum when you can let the vacuum do the work for you with this self-propelled Hoover Anniversary vacuum cleaner. This bagged upright includes lots of on-board tools to complete your cleaning jobs from upholstered furniture to hard-to-reach areas like underneath furniture and up in high corners. See what other features make this a top rated vacuum.


  • Upright, bagged vacuum cleaner designed with WindTunnel Technology
  • Self-propelled forward and backward for easy pushing to glide over any floor surface
  • Designed with a Dirtfinder system for embedded dirt
  • Includes HEPA bag as well as a pet hair tool which has rotating brushes
  • Designed with wheels that are non-marring to prevent scuffing of furniture and corners
  • The D-grip makes handling and pushing the cleaner comfortable on hands and wrists
  • Designed with a height adjustment in three positions for any stature
  • Long 29 foot cord means less re-plugging interruptions

Customer Reviews:

Several features of this vacuum have been given recognition. The dirt finder seems to be a nice touch for many customers. Just when you think you’re done cleaning an area, the dirt finder lets you know there’s more. The suction is very strong and the onboard tools all come in handy and work well to clean from top to bottom in your home. They remove pet hair on sofas, clean stairs, corners and baseboards, and do much more. And the self-propelled feature is great for big jobs when pushing a vacuum can get tiring. This vacuum has many positive reviews and is one of the top rated among upright vacs.

3. Panasonic Upright Bag Vac

panasonic upright bag vacuumPowerful doesn’t have to mean loud. This Panasonic upright is equipped with a 12 amp motor, yet is quiet and not overpowering. Not only is it powerful, but with the 15-inch width cleaning path, it picks up more dirt in one pass than most. Keep reading to see what other features make this Panasonic upright a top rated vacuum cleaner.


  • Designed with a HEPA filtration system to pick up more dust and dirt for cleaner air in your home – captures 99.97% of dust, dirt and allergens
  • Includes auto carpet height adjust for low- to high-piled carpets
  • Includes on board stretch hose, dusting brush, crevice tool and two standard wands for added cleaning options (tools ride with you in a side holster for quick grab and immediate use)
  • Includes 24-foot cord to give your vacuum longer reach
  • Includes easy-to-activate auto cord rewind, headlights for dimly lit rooms, and ergonomical handle

Customer Reviews:

Here is yet another vacuum where customers have good things to say about the suction and power of the device. It’s strong, which for many is at the top of the list. The coil rewind is a nice touch; not many people like the aggravation of having to wind the cord after a vacuuming job. Users rate the auto-rewind a favorite feature. The headlights are noted as being very helpful, especially when lighting is bad in a room or your vision isn’t what it used to be. The bags are easy to remove, but having to buy them is a downside for some customers. There is also concern with the size of the HEPA filter since it’s small, so consumers don’t know how long it will last. Overall, this Panasonic Upright is a well-liked and recommended vacuum.

4. Dyson Animal (Ball-Technology) Upright Vac, DC25


dyson dc25 upright vacuumIf anyone in your home suffers with breathing issues from allergies or asthma, then you know the importance of keeping your home and the air you breathe, as healthy and free of dust and allergens as possible. You need a good vacuum to remove the pollutants and clean your environment thoroughly. See how this Dyson can help give you a healthier, cleaner home.


  • Upright vacuum weighing just 16 pounds
  • Designed with Dyson’s Ball Technology for smooth and easy steering and control
  • Perfect for homes with pets – includes motorized brushbar with strong bristles to get deep-down dirt and embedded pet hair
  • Includes telescope wand for reaching higher areas above hanging pictures, tops of drapes, cobwebs in corners
  • Designed with the Root Cyclone Technology to ensure there is no loss of suction
  • Includes HEPA filter and is certified asthma friendly, as well as a hygienic dust bin to capture more dirt, dust and debris
  • Expels air which has 150x less bacteria, mold and allergens in it
  • Includes an array of onboard cleaning tools, such as the mini-turbine tool

Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers had to say about the Dyson Animal DC25. The fact that you can adjust the vacuum to your height is a great feature. Rather than struggling to push a vacuum too tall or having a handle that is too low and strains your back, you can adjust it where you need to for full comfortability. This includes the ergonomically-designed handle that makes gripping more comfortable, especially during longer vacuum sessions. The cleaner transitions easily from carpet to hardwood, tile, or laminate. The wand attachment gets positive reviews in helping you clean up high or to suction pet hair off the dog bed, around baseboards and up under low-hanging cupboards. Having no bags appeals to many owners and is a great plus. One negative for a customer was the hose, which was a bit stiff at first and took some getting used to. The other concern is the size of the dirt bin. Some felt it was a little too small and even required multiple emptying during some vacuum sessions, but at least it is easy to empty, which is a plus. Protection Status