Frequently Asked Questions About Dyson Vacuums

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2.How do I know I’m going to be happy with my new Dyson vacuum cleaner?

Ask anyone who owns one. Most purchases are the direct result of a referral from a Dyson owner. In two years Dyson became the United Kingdom’s top selling vacuum cleaner. 60% bought a Dyson because it was recommended to them. Now Dyson vacuums are available in the USA. Do your research. Compare value. You’ll come to the same conclusion they did in the U.K.

3. How do I choose the Dyson model best fo me?

Consult the “Dyson Comparison Chart” on this site to compare the features and accesories that accompany each Dyson vacuum model. The link to the chart can be found in the left side navigation bar, under Catagories.

More information on this topic is also available in the article “DC07, DC14 and DC15 Dyson Vacuum Comparison”. This article can be located under the Home Care Tips link, under the Help heading in the navigation bar on the left.

4.How much is the extended warranty after five years?

There are no additional warranty products sold separately by Dyson to extend their standard five year limited warranty at this time. Dyson does not recognize any warranty other than their own manufacturer’s warranty.

5. How would I go about getting My Dyson Vacuum serviced after the warranty ends i.e. shipping and freight cost?

During the warranty period if you do not have a Dyson trained, authorized service company near you, Dyson will pay to ship the vacuum to the nearest fulfillment center, repair or replace the damaged vacuum, and ship it back at no cost.

Service centers have been appointed and trained throughout the country as part of Dyson’s customer service efforts. A complete network has been assembled, to service the growing number of Dyson vacuums sold in the USA both in and out of warranty.

6. What is the expected life span of your vacuum cleaners?

The expected life of a Dyson vacuum is 10 years for all models. We fully expect many of them to continue providing the same super service long after that.

7. I never heard of them until just recently, how Long has Dyson been in business?

Dyson produced their first vacuum in June 1993. Within two years the first “cyclone” was the top selling vacuum in the UK. Dyson first began marketing in North America on a limited basis in September of 2002. However, national commercials promoting the Dyson Brand only began to appear in the last few months of 2003.

8. Do you ever need to replace the filters?

The filters are good for the lifetime of the vacuum. The pre-motor filter needs to be cleaned once every six months. The HEPA filter never needs to be cleaned or replaced. There are no additional costs (other than electricity) to own and operate a Dyson vacuum.

9. What does the five year warranty cover?

The warranty covers all parts and labor for five years against original defects in material and workmanship.

10. What happens if my vacuum does need warranty service?

10 If your Dyson Vacuum ever needs service while under warranty call the Dyson Helpline at 866-693-9766 toll free. They will provide the name and location of the nearest Dyson certified repair center. If there is no local center, Dyson will arrange for your vacuum to be shipped to the nearest fulfillment center, repaired and returned to you in full working order at no cost to yourself, normally within 7 days. For more information please contact the Dyson Helpline.

11. Does the belt ever need to be replaced?

The belt is good for the lifetime of the vacuum. The belt is covered under the two year warranty.

12. Can I wash the bin?

You can wash out the clear bin, without detergents, just water and a rag. Do not put it in the dish washer. The color bin should never be washed. To clean it off, just use a dry rag to wipe off any dust.

13. When I remove and clean my clear Bin, I notice the little air holes look extremely dusty and dirty. I take a stiff brush to clear the dust and dirt, and then I wipe off the cyclone cylinder. Could this hurt the performance of the vacuum?

No it won’t. Using a stiff dry brush will not affect the performance or damage the machine.

14. I have a oriental carpet runner on my kitchen floor and when I vacuum over it (no fringes), it starts making a loud ratchet sound. If I go in the opposite direction on the carpet the noise stops. What causes the ratchet noise when I go in the one direction?

The noise you hear is an alarm. A safety feature to protect your carpet from being damaged. Although the noise sounds abrasive, no damage is being done to your vacuum. Sometimes this warning occures while vacuuming in one direction of the carpet and not the other. This is because vacuuming against the nap of the carpet creates enough drag on the brush bar to engage the protection feature built into the clutch. When vacuuming with the nap, however, there is less drag, the saftey feature is not engaged, and there is no noise. The same symtoms may occure if Dyson’s suction power pulls the nap of the rug off the floor and into the brush bar, tripping the warning alarm. If this experience persists, and/or you want to protect a delicate rug, turn off the brush bar by pressing the switch located on the right side of the base of the vacuum. For details consult your manual.

15. Is the vacuum made out of plastic?

All Dyson Models are made out of high impact ABS plastic. It is the same material used for car bumpers, motorcycle helmets, football helmets and riot gear. Virtually unbreakable.

16. Are all Dyson vacuums designed for hardwood floors?

Yes, all Dyson vacuum are designed for all types of floors. They are equally at home with carpet, tile or as a vaccum for hardwood floors. Simply turn the switch from carpet to bare floors with a tap of your foot.

17. If I bought the Yellow All Floors Model, can I still purchase the extra attachments?

Yes, you can purchase a full line of Dyson Attachments and accessories right here at Simply click on the “Accessories and Attachments” link, under the Catagories heading in the left side navigation bar, under the list of vacuum models. You will find pictures and descriptions of each of Dyson attachments.

18. What is the weight of the vacuum?

Depending on the model, the Dyson upright will weigh between 18.6 and 19.2 lbs. However, they are amazingly responsive to use, only four lbs. of pressure is needed to push the vacuum. The motor and wheel geometry balances the machine, so only a small amount of pressure on the handle is needed to move it.

19. How can all the dirt and dust be “spun” out of the air and removed, without a bag or filter, simply by spinning the airstream?

By forcing the air through cone shape “cyclones” the air spinning out of the narrow end of each cone attains enormous speed. Fast enough to generate up to 150,000 Gs of centrifical force. At 150,000 times it’s normal weight, each particle of dust or dirt is thrown out of the cyclone by its own newly attained size and collected in the clear bin.

20. How can I check for clogs?

Take off the bin, hose, airway inspection and u-bend by simply releasing the latch. The sole plate can be removed with a coin by turning the three screws. You don’t need a serviceman for simple routine maintenance.

21. How do I adjust the vacuum for the carpet height?

The vacuum will automatically adjust to the carpet height. There are no awkward dials to adjust.

22. What is Dyson’s Toll Free Service Number in the USA?

I don’t see the answer to my question.

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