Miele s4212 Vacuum Review

There is no right answer when someone asks, “What is the best vacuum cleaner?”, but the Miele s4212 might just be one of the best options for a quality vacuum at an affordable price.  It all depends on your housing situation. Do you live in an apartment or a house? Will you be moving soon? What kind of carpet do you have? Most of us are not experts on the issue; we just use the vacuum cleaner that we have and leave it at that.

What is the Miele s4212?

It may sound like a username on YouTube, but it is a version of a vacuum cleaner that comes in two models, though one model is no longer being made. What we are referring to in this article is what a Miele s4212 review would refer to as the “Neptune.” This is a compact vacuum for hardwood flooring, designed for both power and portability. It has some nice features, but it isn’t the most attractive object with its turquoise body. Nonetheless, as you look at the reviews, you get a good idea that many users like it.

I want a Compact, but I have a Large Home.

First of all, this is going to read like a sales pitch, but it is not. When you read a Miele s4212 review, you will most likely read that it is the ideal compact vacuum for a large home. Think about it: You have to go up and down stairs and travel from room to room. Why would you want to lug around a large vacuum cleaner when the s4212 is really powerful and has the same functionality as larger models? It is durable yet light. Take it for what it is and do what you like, but it seems to make sense.

“It is a top quality product. Excellent performance makes this a vacuum of choice.”
Kevin Borowsky – amazon.com

Is it Flimsy like Most Compacts?

Any Miele s4212 review will make it perfectly clear that this model is far from being flimsy. The durability of this vacuum cleaner is emphasized in reviews and testimonials alike. The company that manufactures it has been around for a century and they certainly don’t mess around when it comes to design. The claim is that it can withstand impact well. It is light and intended to be portable, so dropping it is a possibility (be careful on the stairs). It is well-constructed, easy to carry and convenient to store.

“We read a Miele s4212 review and decided to purchase the s4212 Neptune and we LOVE this little machine. It is light, powerful, and does what it is supposed to do.”
B. Norstam – amazon.com

Look at the Official Website and Learn More

The Miele official site doesn’t leave out a single detail on any model they sell. This is only one of the reasons it is best to buy the s4212 directly from the site. Surely you have heard this before, but beware of imitations. Vacuum cleaners are notorious for having knock-offs that look exactly the same but are made of inferior materials. Any seller could end up with a fake without knowing. Buy from the official site to get what you are paying for.

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