A Comprehensive Look At The Top Vacuum Brands

The vacuum cleaner industry is quite large, and competition in it is fierce. There are many producers in the top league. Besides big electronics firms (e.g. Panasonic), there are producers specialized for vacuum cleaners; Hoover is an example of that. For us, it does not really matter; all we care about is which companies are at the forefront in the vacuum cleaner industry. We will write on the most important points to know about the best and most reliable brands.

For example, you can find: which vacuum type

they are the best at; in which price category they offer their products; and reviews of their best models. So on this page, you can find:

  • Hoover vacuum reviews
  • Miele vacuum reviews
  • Bissell upright vacuum reviews
  • Best products of the biggest producers
  • The best vacuum brands and their best-selling products (e.g. Shark Sonic Duo reviews)

But so far, it was just an introduction. You can meet a lot of trusted brands by reading through our article. You should bear in mind that the order these brands are presented should not be taken as an order of quality, it is just a rough indicator of how well-known these companies are.


Hoover had and has a great role to play in the history of vacuum cleaners. It was back in 1908 when the first upright vacuum was made, and it was Hoover that started selling it. This was the start of the company, and by then, its success was founded already. Even though the company started in America, in the 20th century, Hoover became the synonym of vacuum cleaners in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well. This is the most well-known and most successful brand in America; and one of our favorites, too; as they produce high-quality machines and they test and refine them extensively before selling to customers starts.

  • Most typical type: Upright
  • Other types: All, except robotic
  • Typical price range: 50$-350$, but a hand vacuum can be found even for around 30$.

Hoover has the best cordless vacuum designed ever. Since its market debut, Hoover Linx is a spectacular success, and for a good reason. This is an easy-to-use cordless stick vacuum with the power of an upright. Its brush roll supercharged with WindTunnel Technology works great on all surfaces; from carpet to hard floors. Even deep cleaning cannot be an obstacle for it.

Hoover made this machine very comfortable by putting the Battery Fuel Gauge to a perfect spot, as this way, it is easy to check the charge level of our machine; and to calculate for how long we can still use it.

This way, we can avoid the batteries to deplete all of a sudden. The wide cleaning path and edge-to-edge cleaning makes cleaning possible even at corners or by walls; making additional sweeping there unnecessary.

Its motorized power brush can be quickly switched off for bare-floor cleaning. It has an interchangeable 18-volt Lithium Ion battery for fade-free power. For pet owners: it copes with pet hair very well; it will not be a problem anymore. Its dust cup is easy to empty and clean. On top of that, we get a warranty for 2 long years for this machine.

This is a pretty good upright machine that has proved in many households. It is the most popular product of Hoover, bought by many so far and nowadays. It is obvious that this is a large and powerful machine with a lot of capacity for collecting dirt. However, the size of the machine is entirely due to its capacity, so it is fully a lightweight model.

The height of this model is adjustable in 5 sizes, so it can be set specifically for the user. It comes with a crevice tool, a 12″ extension wand and upholstery/dusting brush to fit to your needs. It is great for cleaning carpet, copes with the smallest lint in the most hidden spots. The 25 feet cord is very long, so you do not need to unplug and re-plug as you progress with cleaning in your home. Despite its high performance, this is a very silent model, meaning fewer disturbances. Being a bagless model, there is no need to purchase replacement bags either. So there are a lot of advantages you will have with this machine.

This is a more advanced version of the previous model; and as such, more expensive. But if you are more demanding, as well; it might be more suitable for you. Both models have a built-in cord rewind and a rinseable filter. Both have HEPA filter and 5 height settings for ease of use. This also has a long cord (27 feet, in particular). Compared to the previous model, this one is slightly heavier, but it still qualifies for being a lightweight.

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless is much easier to store, though; as with its fold down handle it fits into a smaller space. Its brush roll shut off pedal makes it easy to change from carpet to hard floor. For increased safety, there is a system check indicator when HEPA and carbon filters need cleaning or checking.

This model is especially good for pet owners: On top it its usual on-board tools (12-inch extension wand, crevice tool), it comes with two new ones: a pet hair turbo brush and an easy to clean pet furniture nozzle with rubber blades.

This is a very efficient bagless machine, we highly recommend it.


No-one needs an introduction on Panasonic; as they are one of the world’s largest electronics and appliances producers with Japanese origin. They are founded nearly a century ago, in 1918; and they are a success story since then. For example, they are the fourth largest TV manufacturers. Their product range is wide, spans from TV through cameras and video game consoles to home appliances like vacuum cleaners. They are one of the few companies that becomes successful in whatever they start dealing with. This is not different for vacuum cleaners; they deliver the quality they do in everything else.

  • Most typical type: Upright and Canister
  • Other types: Hand
  • Typical price range: 100$-600$, for most products

This machine has a really powerful 12AMP motor system with a Motor Protection System that makes dirt particles bypass the motor and fan and go straight into the bag. It has a long, 24 feet cord with automatic cord reel and an automatic carpet height adjustment to fit all types of carpets.

The most powerful feature of the MC-CG902 is its user friendly design. Its E-Z grip is very comfortable and the on/off switch, and on/off bare-floor option is very close to the grip. If this is not enough, then you will love the curved carrying handle! With that, it is very easy to maneuver with the machine and bring it with you. This feature was designed directly for stairs. No matter what surface you need to clean, MC-CG902 is fit for it.

On the front of the machine, there is a headlight that switches on and off automatically, so you can be sure that you will not miss any dark and dirty places.

Just like the previous model, this also has a powerful, yet silent 12AMP motor. Auto carpet adjustment and the motor protection system are also built in. There are similar tools in the package, as well (stretch hose, 2 standard wands, dusting brush, crevice tool).

The main modification is that MC-UG471 is an upright model, so the most obvious difference is quite visible in the design. If someone likes upright vacuum cleaners, this machine can be a high-quality model to choose. It also has headlight and is equally good for many surfaces. It goes without saying, that cleaning stairs is a bit more difficult with MC-UG471.

It looks really great and is super-easy to use. You can do your cleaning comfortably and it has one more good function: If its suction power (a very decent power, by the way) decreases, it means that the bag is full and you need to replace it. So you will notice when you need to replace the bag without checking regularly.


Bissell is a company specialized for vacuum cleaners and floor care. Their headquarters are based in Michigan and they are the Number 1 floor care product company in North America with a 20% market share. As every fifth floor care products are sold by them, they have a very clear focus on producing reliable, high quality products at an affordable price. This is their recipe for success, as well: They are a company with one of the highest quality product range; but they sell them in the medium price category.

  • Most typical type: Upright
  • Other types: Canister, Stick, Handheld
  • Typical price range: 40$-300$, but their hand and stick models can be bought for 20$-30$.

Let’s look at the first example of affordable, high quality products. This machine could well be in a higher price category, but Bissell sells it very inexpensively. OnePass Technology provides a very good basis for this device, as it enables a durable high suction power. A very efficient brush design adds more to easy vacuuming.

With this machine, you can do simple and thorough deep cleaning on all types of carpets. Its Multi-Cyclonic Suction System removes dust easily. With a push of a button, the 25 feet wand is wound up, so you do not need to bother with it. The easily removable dirt bin makes emptying not a problem for this bagless model.

As always, Bissell gives high-quality accessories to the product. To name a few: Hose Wand Clip, Crevice Tool, Extension Wand or Dusting Brush. On top of that, people love this modern “party” design this company delivers. As we like this machine just by having a look at it, you can imagine our attitude after testing! We highly recommend the CleanView Plus 3583; you just cannot make any mistakes with it!

The other model we would like to recommend is a handheld one. This is a really small portable one with 1 year warranty. Its price is very low, but its quality is high, indeed.

We can see beautiful design and colors here, and the users have an easy job using it; as well. It has a small dirt container that is quick and easy to empty. On its grip, you can access the on/off switch; and there is a cord wrap on the machine, as well.

Professionalism is apparent on this machine: Its nozzles are changeable; there is a hard nozzle and a flexible rubber contour nozzle. The first is for everyday floor and furniture cleaning, the second is for removing lint and dust from places like stairs and upholstery. For pet owners, it is very useful and works quite well.

Bissell is one of the best vacuum cleaner brands and has very good units. So right on the home page you can see reviews of their two best seller products: Have a look at them!

iRobot Roomba

iRobot Corporation was founded in the early 1990s. They are an advanced technology company, specialized for robots. They are in the forefront of developing and producing robotic vacuums, and they develop their products at an astonishing speed. Besides floor care, they also produce military and police robots. Their most successful product series is the Roomba; which is an automated vacuum cleaning robot line. By now, its technology is excellent; these robots can move in the house on their own.

  • Most typical type: Robotic
  • Other types: None
  • Typical price range: 300$-800$, but their older models can be bought for 100$.

Albeit this is not the newest model, we still write about and recommend buying it. It was the series 700 of Roomba that had the most innovations in it, compared to previous ones. It is also series 700, in which the technology became really usable. From here, we can say it can substitute human-made vacuum cleaning. There are a lot of inventions in it: They come with 2 cleaning tools, one round and one flat; instead of the only flat tool in earlier models. This way, cleaning can be even more efficient. This model also has improved battery life, AeroVac bin with HEPA filter and a noticeably better technology.

Roomba 760 is the simplest model from its series, but with all of the most important inventions that you can find in its peers. As it is the first model from its series, this is the least expensive one; so we can have a really good model for a very good price. This is just one more reason to buy the 760.

As far as cleaning is concerned, it moves in a back and forth cleaning pattern, cleaning the surface very thoroughly. It has a polymer bumper to soften any impact of meeting between the robot and the wall or a piece of furniture. This way, none of them are damaged or scratched. The most amazing change is that this model can detect and collect large amounts of hair, lint and other dirt, so it is absolutely effective in cleaning.

For the review of the newest and most advanced Roomba technologies, click here!


AB Electrolux (this is their official name) is the second largest appliance maker company after Whirlpool. (Their vacuum cleaners are better, actually.) They are a Stockholm-based Swedish company producing very high quality products, even for professional use. So they have an experience in professionalism. As the company is European, their best product category with the widest selection is the canister. Just like other big companies, they sell their products under a number of successful brands. For example, Eureka belongs to them, as well.

  • Most typical type: Canister
  • Other types: All others
  • Typical price range: 100$-500$

Electrolux produces pretty good vacuums, but in the main categories (upright and canister) the competitors are so good; that we would rather show you this stick model, as it is a very powerful and superior machine.

This is a very simple, very small, very light, but very versatile device. Obviously, it is cordless, so it is easy to move it: if you need to use it all of a sudden, then you just need to pick it up with one hand; and bring it wherever you need it. This is easy to do as it is a truly lightweight model and fits comfortably in your corridor, stairwell, anywhere. Storage is not an issue; it even fits in the corner of the kitchen.

Using it is great. Its head can turn around in 180 degrees, so you barely need to move while you use it. Its LED headlight lights your way even as long as the full 30 minutes runtime, which is perfectly adequate for smaller cleaning activities like in the kitchen or after dirty accidents.

On the machine you can find blue lights that show battery charge level, so it will not be depleted without you knowing it in advance.

Why is it called 2 in 1? Because the dirt bin on the front is a hand vacuum in itself that you can easily detach and re-attach. So if you need a handheld, then you have it at hand to grab and go. For sure, it is useful to have one of this around at home.

Dirt Devil

The most important objective of Dirt Devil is affordability. They sell quality products at really low prices. They are customer-centric, it is important for them to give comfort in their products. Besides, their two units tell how they care about their users: One of their units is “Power models” for larger houses; the other is “RV units” for smaller households, weekend homes or apartments. Their current slogan is “Let’s Go” that does not need a lot of comments.

  • Most typical type: Upright
  • Other types: They have many handheld models, but sell all other models, as well
  • Typical price range: 40$-200$, and these are not just hand vacuums (they have hand models even for 20$)

This tool is a great to use, durable, high quality one – just like the other reviewed products. But in price, this is unbeatable. This is what makes Dirt Devil models so unique; and that is why many housewives choose them. For Dirt Devil, it is important to keep their prices low and to let less affluent persons use quality products, making cleaning at home easier.

Dynamite Plus M084650 is a lightweight model, which is a great plus, as you can move it with ease; its weight being less than 8 lbs. Typically for a good upright, it does equally well on carpet and bare floor. It is a bagless type, so you do not even need to spend for replacement bags. It comes with a HEPA filter.

This piece is simple and easy to operate; its dirt container can be cleaned with just a few moves. Besides that, it is a small model that fits even under the bed. It does not require any assembly, just snap in the handle ready to go.

The other popular type of Dirt Devil is the handheld. This model has the familiar devilish red color which is the “trademark” of the producer. The AccuCharge Technology ensures longer battery life, charges 2X faster and uses 70% less energy.

Its suction power is quite significant in contrast with its small size. It is cordless for portability and bagless for easy emptying. Because of its design, it is easy to mount it onto the wall and just grab it whenever needed. This is a thoughtful extra. It has a runtime of 6 hours and comes with a number of tools. Its price is favorable compared to its value, as it is a really professional machine.


Dyson Ltd is a British company selling home appliances, but their main profile is vacuum cleaners. Its founder, James Dyson is an inventor and has a completely different approach to vacuum cleaners. They are proud at their totally different and much better approach to making devices than their predecessors. They became quite popular in the US, and this is mostly attributable to their high-quality, colorful and well-designed products.

  • Most typical type: Upright
  • Other types: Canister, Hand, Stick
  • Typical price range: 150$-700$

This is the newest and most modern model of Dyson. It is enough to look at this machine and you can see that its design is not traditional at all. It does not look like a traditional upright, at all; it rather resembles a stick model. Despite this, DC59 Animal is an upright machine! It has a very powerful motor with immense suction power. It cleans really fast and because of its design, it is incredibly easy to work with it.

As it is a cordless vacuum, it is even easier to move it around; and do the cleaning. Because it is light and has a big suction power, you can raise it above your head and clean the ceiling, if you want. It can collect a lot of dirt and it is easy to empty, as well.

It has a longer battery life compared to previous models, a nicer design, easier emptying, much (circa 1.5 times) more suction power and easier usage. All in all, this is a great invention and quite a good deal to buy if you need a comfortable cordless vacuum in your home.

There is a brand similar to Dyson that is called Shark (see below). As both brands come up with great deals and products, many persons do not have an idea on which of the two they should choose. Our page helps them by comparing the two brands and having even more reviews of both producers.


Eureka is a successful brand of Electrolux that we reviewed above. They are specialized to vacuum cleaners. The have one of the widest product range; as besides their wide selection in their main type, they offer many models from other types, as well. They pay attention to develop all of their types on a regular basis. They know what they are doing as they are in the business for a long time. Eureka is one of our favorite brands, and they are definitely the best in floor steamers.

  • Most typical type: They have the widest selection in upright models, but they produce almost all types.
  • Other types: All, except robotic.
  • Typical price range: 60$-220$

This is a compact two in one device, as its stick vacuum head can be detached with a push of a button and can operate as a hand vacuum afterwards. It is a very light machine, easy to move around with; and has a good grip, fitting perfectly into your hands.

It has a 10 inch cleaning path, and it cleans everything on this path, whether from carpet or from bare floor. It is cordless, bagless, and easy to use. On its side, it has off, floors and carpets switches.

Its dust cup filter is washable and reusable. Because of its free-standing design, you can store it anywhere when it is out of use. In its hand vac mode, you can recharge its batteries using the wall mountable charger.


This is not really a vacuum, but as it is strongly related to floor cleaning, we can discuss it here. This is one of our favorite machines from Eureka, so if we write about them, we just cannot miss mentioning this model. This is simply the best selling floor polishing machine on the internet (that is not easy to achieve) and for a good reason.

Why is it worth buying such a machine? Because a hard-surface floor steamer enables you to sterilize your floor without using chemicals, providing extra safety for your family. Its use is quite easy, you do not need to bend down; and it is a great addition after vacuum cleaning.

Envirosteamer is a lightweight model with adjustable height, so you can make it a best fit for you. It comes with measuring cup, funnel, and 2 steam pads. These steam pads can work on laminate, marble, wood, granite, , and other hard surfaces; so you can steam anything that can be steamed at all. It cleans well beside the furniture or the wall, and reaches the corners easily, so there will be no place left out from the process.

This device is the simplest possible steamer, with no unnecessary complications. It is easy to use and really an additional tool, with no ambition to do anything it would not be good at. As a result, it has a good price, and does its job perfectly. We recommend it for everyone.

As we mentioned, Eureka is one of our favorite brands, so we have more reviews of their products across our page. If you are interested, look at our other pages and you will surely find a model that is right for you.


The main objective of Shark is to produce efficient and comfortable products. They are of European origin, but now they are based in America and operate mostly there. What is important about them is that they offer their high quality, carefully developed products at a favorable price. On top of that, they continuously try to improve their products and pricing, so it is worth following their sales offers.

  • Most typical type: Upright
  • Other types: Handheld and Stick
  • Typical price range: 100$-300$

This 2 in 1 machine looks great and has a wonderful design. Its comfortable and easy to use design makes cleaning really comfortable. It has two scrub modes: one for hard floors, one for carpets. It has 1000 scrubs per minute, a spot remover and polish solution, and these features work really good. We had good results when we tested it.

This is a quick machine; we finished cleaning the rooms quicker than with most of the other machines. It is lightweight, so you can move easily as you progress with cleaning. It works excellently on carpets. First, go through the carpet with it to remove the visible dirt. After that, it can do the deep cleaning with its carpet solution, going in between the fibers and remove dirt from there.

In Shark Duo reviews, you can sometimes read that it works great on hard floors, but not so well on carpets. This is possible due to the fact that there are 2 models. One of them is for hard floors only, and that one is cheaper; the other is for hard floors and carpets, but at a slightly higher price. So if you need carpet cleaning, then make sure you choose the second version; and you can see professional results.

On our comparison page you can find even more reviews and more info on Shark.


Miele is a precise German company specialized for domestic appliances. They mostly produce high-end, well-equipped, best quality products, so their products are not cheap. But whatever you buy from them will work for a very long time. Besides vacuum cleaners, they also sell commercial equipment, where they are in the upper price range, as well.

  • Most typical type: Canister and Upright
  • Other types: Robotic
  • Typical price range: 300$-1000$ for most models, but they have home devices for 1500$, as well.

Without doubt, it is the most popular and one of the best models of Miele. This is the BEST Miele canister vacuum, but by far it is in the top league across all canister types, as well. It is an extremely lightweight model with Air Clean filter. Its classic combination carpet/smooth floor tool works very well on low pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring.

It is perfect on all surfaces, hard floors, carpets, rugs. Its six distinct power settings – that makes this possible – can be set easily on the front-mounted rotary dial. VarioClip helps us, too: It comes with 3 Onboard Accessories, dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle to clean all corners and surfaces effectively and perfectly.

There is a telescopic, stainless steel wand to enable movement in a 29.5 feet (9 meters) radius, so chances are; that you can clean a whole room if you plug it somewhere in the middle of it, and you do not need to change power outlets at all. With that, you can easily clean higher places in your room, as well.

In summary, this is probably the best canister vacuum in the world. It is a very professional machine, simply super-light, easy to use and really durable. It will be your main help in cleaning for many-many years, and with that in mind, one can afford its price.

This is the top-rated vacuum of Miele, and we can understand why. S6270 is a very powerful, very good machine, with a really lightweight design. Its powerful motor is quite silent, with multiple types of built-in filters to withhold dust. We get several tools in the package:

  • Dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice nozzle

It has 6 power settings and a very comfortable grip; which is very important for a canister model. It is a more advanced model than the previous S2121, so cord retraction is possible with one touch, which is more comfortable than the previous cord retractor. Its cleaning radius is larger, as well: an astonishing 33 feet; so this device is perfectly fit for very large rooms, cleaning them is very comfortable.

It does excellently on floor, low-pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring as well. Its elegant and pure exterior is familiar for those who know Miele. Its perfect white color is broken only by its switches; and its wand does not get dirty easily, so it can shine in your home for a long time.


Neato Robotics is a domestic robot developer and producer firm with their headquarters in California. They are not very large and not old either, but became successful very rapidly. Their model offering is not wide, but this is true for producers of robotic vacuums in general. Neato is one of the most serious competitors of iRobot and they produce serious and professional robots.

  • Most typical type: Robotic
  • Other types: None
  • Typical price range: 250$-500$

This is one of the newly developed models of Neato. The main difference compared to previous models is that it has a much more powerful vacuum fan. Specifically, it has the strongest suction a robotic vacuum can have at the moment. XV Signature Pro is a powerful and efficient device that can do well on many types of surfaces, whether it is wood, tile, carpet or vinyl. It has a black color and the design is familiar from other Neato products: A stretched half-circle that resembles the shape of a vacuum cleaner head. This way, the suction vent is wider, picking up more dirt.

Its two High-Performance Filters reduce dust and allergens, so it is especially recommended for persons with allergy. Pet owners like this machine, as well; as it can cope with tough pet hair very well.

This is a good robot that operates well. It needs minimal attention only, you just need to push its button and it does its job automatically. There is a sophisticated and easy-to-use guide in the package; so whatever issue we might have, you will have the answer for that; so you can cope on your own.

For more reviews and comparisons with other robotic vacuums, click here.


They are the best-selling canister brand. Kenmore produces household appliances for all areas – from kitchen tools to grills and vacuums. They are present in the home use and in the professional appliances segment, as well. Quality is impeccable in all cases. The brand belongs to Sears, the famous American multinational department store chain.

  • Most typical type: Canister
  • Other types: Upright
  • Typical price range: Canisters: 50$-600$; Uprights: 100$-350$

This is one of the (or maybe The) best model of Kenmore. It is a popular canister model, bagless and small. It is easy to store, fit for cleaning stairs; but we can easily reach higher or other hard-to-access places, due to its telescopic wand.

Its 24 feet cord is (more than) enough for an average sized room, and its motor is very powerful. It has a strong suction, but still, it is very silent, you can even sleep beside it. On top of that, it has its famous 2-motor system: A powerful motor inside the machine for suction power, and a smaller one to power the agitator brush.

Its design is smart and user-friendly: Its center of gravity is right above its wheels, so you can roll or turn it with minimal effort. Handling it is easy, with no lots of unnecessary buttons. It did particularly well with pet hair, but can clean everything from all surfaces.

Its design is simply wonderful! Its modern, compact, small, lightweight and purple-color design captures your attention instantly. This can be a good choice.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker Corporation is one of the most popular and sold small appliance brand on the internet. They sell all kinds of power tools and home improvement products. This American company excels in the production of small kitchen appliances. Because of that, from its vacuum cleaners, the best models are the smaller ones. They also focus mostly on handheld models: If you need that model, Black & Decker is specialized for that.

  • Most typical type: Handheld
  • Other types: Small canisters
  • Typical price range: Canisters: 30$-150$

This is their newest model. People love it and we can testify that it is really an uplifting experience to use it. This hand vacuum is very strong and its wand is well designed as dirt goes right to the dirt cabinet. It is a cordless model and can work for slightly more than 20 minutes. It is durable and can work consistently for a long time.

Its rotating, slim nozzle attacks dirt built up in small narrow places. It is guaranteed that no gaps can stay dirty. The brush and crevice tool accessories are located on-board, so for someone with a habit of losing things, this is a useful feature.

Finally, a very sympathetic feature: unlike Ni-Cd ones, its LiB batteries are not toxic; so for anyone with respect for the environment, this can be a plus. This is one of the most popular handheld vacuums; and the reason for this is that Black &Decker is the best in this segment. We do recommend it.


Vacuum cleaners can be differentiated from a lot of aspects: type, color, size, weight, cordless or not, bagless or not, etc. But right after type, it is probably the brand that tells the most about a particular machine. This is because brand defines

  • quality,
  • design,
  • sometimes even color,
  • price
  • and many other features.

So it is a good starting point to learn what the different brands can offer and use it as a factor in our decision. The 13 brands mentioned above are surely the top league. You can buy from them with a peace of mind; as they are all proven ones and favorites for many of us. We safely recommend them as all reviewed products have passed the quality tests.

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