Making Your Own Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner

When you have wood floors, one of the challenges you would encounter is keeping them shiny and clean all the time. It would be too expensive for you to look for the best cleaners for your hardwood flooring that is gentle and has no chemicals on it. For you not to worry, you can make use of this environment friendly wood-floor cleaners that you can made right through your house wardrobe. This is so affordable since all of the resources you need are found in your kitchen.  You may apply it directly on your wood floors or you can produce the cleaner in a certain bucket. You can also pour it out in a cotton clothes in order to generate reusable floor wipes. In addition to this, this homemade floor cleaner doesn’t leave any kind of residue or unwanted streaks.

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The first step you have to do in making homemade wood floor cleaner is to prepare the things that you will need. These are as follows:

  • One tbsp. castile soap
  • Half cup of vinegar
  • One-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol
  •  Two cups of warm water
  •  Funnel
  • Plastic spray bottle
  •  Essential oil


Collect all the necessary materials needed when making a homemade wood cleaner. Castile soap is available on all kinds of health and food stores and usually it comes on different kind of scents. On the other hand, vinegar cleans and at the same time, refreshes wood floors in a natural way. Rubbing alcohol will maintain the cleanliness of the floor through drying out those areas covered by streaks.

Next, you must calculate the right amount of the ingredients and be able to add them all in one on a plastic bottle. You can also recycle a used container making this homemade floor cleaner much eco-friendly. However, ensure that you clean it first before recycling it. Then after that, add ten to fifteen drops of essential oil.  This is to add fragrance on your cleaner too.

Afterwards, little by little, pour in the warm water.  There you go. You are now ready for your cleaning mission. You may simply spray this on the wood floors and wipe it out. When you are going to work on with a wider and bigger area, it is much preferable of you will a homemade cleaner on a certain bucket.  By doing so, you can make utilize your mop then.

Isn’t it amazing? Aside from the fact that you wouldn’t spend any more in buying expensive yet ineffective formula or chemical, you can also have the assurance that you are using safe and effective products . Nowadays, we all need to be practical and cautious enough.  There’s no harm in trying this since most of the materials are just waiting inside your household. Be wise enough. Make your wood floors shine out among the rest. Let your neighborhood be envied with your floor. And when they asked what your secret behind it is, be proud to tell that it is because of your homemade wood floor cleaners.


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