The 10 Best Brooms for Hardwood Floors 2021

microfiber hardwood flooring broom

My Top Picks

Hardwood flooring has become of the most popular residential flooring options in the past 15 years, mainly due to it’s durability and that it can be cleaned easily and quickly. It can also add considerable value as well as beauty to a home. However, if it’s not properly taken care of, in several years you will either need to have it refinished or even replaced, both at a significant cost. Taking proper care of your hardwood floors is even more important when you have expensive flooring such as maple, mahogany and cherry.  While there are many popular hardwood cleaning options and products on the market, in most cases a quality broom made for hardwood floors is the best option for daily floor sweeping & cleaning. While they don’t deep clean hardwood, they are gentle on the finish and will sweep away most of the dirt, dust and other solid materials left behind from normal foot traffic.

Below is a list of the top hardwood brooms recommended by us and cleaning professionals nationwide.

Top Pick – 18″ Professional Microfiber Broom

18" microfiber hardwood broom

This 18″ professional microfiber broom/mop is perfect for hardwood and solid flooring.  It features a stainless steel handle that adjusts from 4 to 6 feet and it’s attached to the aluminum frame with a swivel that rotates 360 degrees so you can make smooth turns in any direction.  The 18″ microfiber pad cleans better than regular brooms and even Swiffer pads, plus it’s twice the size, so you get done cleaning much quicker. From dust and dirt to pet hair, this broom is what the professionals use to get perfectly clean hardwood floors. You also get 2 free machine washable microfiber pads with each mop purchase.

#2 LandHope Rubber Bristle Hardwood Floor Broom

This rubber bristle broom from LandHope is a great option for cleaning hardwood, laminate, tile and low carpeting.  The rubber bristles are perfect for grabbing fine dust particles as well as pet hair and other larger debris.  The bristles won’t harm your solid surfaces and it can easily be cleaned after use by running it under the faucet.  The adjustable handle expands from 31.5 inches to 55 inches and is 50% more efficient at cleaning than a normal broom.   Definitely put this broom on your list.

#3 Bissell 1778 Brushwares Pet Hair Broom for Hardwood Floors


This broom from Bissell is one of our favorites for hardwood.  It’s inexpensive yet features an adjustable handle and soft bristles that are extremely gentle on your floors.  Excellent for getting all of those fine particles. This broom also has retractable rubber bristles for catching pet hair.  This broom is great for hard surfaces and low pile carpet/rugs.

#4 Nine Forty Ultimate Cotton Dust Mop Floor Sweeper

nine forty dust broom

This soft cotton dust mop is a hardwood broom on steroids.  This is the same type of broom you see used on wooden basketball floors, gyms etc, but scaled down for residential use.  If you have large, open hardwood floors areas in your family & living spaces, this is the soft dust broom you will want to make quick work of nearly all debris.  The 24″ cotton mop head is removable for cleaning and the handle is telescoping from 42″ to 72″.  Priced around $40, this is a great cleaning investment.

#5 Evriholder FURemover Broom for Hardwood Flooring

Evriholder FURemover hardwod flooring Broom

The Evriholder is one of the rubber bristled brooms we spoke about in the article above.  It’s a unique broom with 100% natural rubber bristles which do an amazing job at trapping even the finest dirt and dust.  It will easily sweep up dust, hair, dirt & lint from hard surfaces and is perfect for hardwood.  This is a Top Seller on and is priced around $16.00.  Definitely consider getting one of these if you have large hardwood areas in your home.


#6  LINKYO Microfiber Broom for Hardwood Floors

LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop with 3 Flat Mop Pads, Stainless Steel Handle and Exte[...]

The microfiber floor mop/broom by Linkyo is a professional quality hardwood floor mop that you can use dry or wet.  It features a durable stainless steel handle that extends to 70″ allowing you to get to those hard to reach places under furniture and in corners.  This broom is great for home or office use with the 360 degree swivel action of the head.  With this package you receive 2 reversible mop cloths and one microfiber mop pad, all of which are machine washable.  The metal mop frame had a simple clip design which will hold the pads in place with ease, making cleaning extremely easy.

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#7  JINCLEAN 24″ Top Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop

JINCLEAN 24 Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop Dry to Attract dirt, dust Or Hardwood Floor [...]

Don’t let the size of the JINCLEAN 24″ industrial cotton broom scare you.  This broom is perfect for your home, office, or garage and will make quick work of dust, dirt and debris while keeping your hardwood floors safe from scratches. This is one of the larger hardwood floor brooms in it’s class, which means you don’t have to sweep as much to get your hardwood floors looking fantastic.  It has a strong telescoping steel handle that extends to 59″.  The broom pad fits over the entire frame, keeping it secure as you sweep.  There are no tools needed for swapping out mop pads.  When you’re done, simply remove the mop pad from the broom frame and toss in the washing machine.  No need for chemicals and super friendly on the environment.  If you have a lot of hardwood, laminate, bamboo, stone or tile to clean, the JINCLEAN broom is the way to go.

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#8  Bona Multi-Surface Wood Floor Care Kit

Bona Multi-Surface Floor Care Kit Health Personal Care

The Bona Multi Surface floor care kit is one of the top systems for keeping your hardwood floors looking great.  With this package you get the durable Bona mop with extra large head along with a Bona microfiber cleaning pad which is designed exclusively for cleaning hardwood with dual zone cleaning action.  You also get the original Bona hardwood floor spray cleaner, tile & laminate floor spray plus a bonus refill bottle of each.  You can use this kit safely on real hardwood, laminate or engineered wood floors.  The included pads are machine washable, so you can reuse them over and over which makes them very friendly on the environment.

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#9 24″ SWOPT Dust Mop w/Microfiber Combo Wood Flooring Broom

SWOPT Dust Mop w Microfiber Combo - 60 Steel Handle - Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas ­- Machine Washabl[...](1)

I absolutely love all of the hardwood floor sweeping products by SWOPT.  This particular microfiber mop features a massive 24″ head/dust mop pad which makes cleaning large areas of wood flooring a breeze.  The handle extends to 60″ so you can easily sweep the dust, hair and debris from under couches, chairs and other furniture.   Speaking of the handle, this model has one of the strongest and most secure handles on the market.  I never had any issues with the head detaching from the handle when sweeping.  You can also swap out the 24″ dust broom head for other SWOPT  cleaning heads.  The Snap Lock technology keeps the head firmly attached at all times.  All SWOPT mops & brooms come with a lifetime warranty, so if you ever have an issue, the company stands behind it’s product 100%.  If you don’t quite need the 24″ cleaning capacity, you will also find similar SWOPT models with 12″ & 18″ cleaning heads.

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#10 Sladust Big Wooly with Metal Telescoping Handle Hardwood Broom

Sladust Big Wooly with Metal Telescoping Handle Health Personal Care

The Big Wooly dry mop by Sladust is a game changer when it comes to getting your hardwood floors clean from dust, hair, crumbs, and just about any other debris you can think of.  The mop head itself is a traditional household sized wood dust mop coated with natural lanolin which helps attract dust better than most microfiber dust mop heads.  The telescoping metal handle is resin coated so it won’t corrode or easily break like brooms with cheap, plastic handles.  The handle extends from 34″ to 59″, giving you maximum reach for those hard to get to places.  The head swivels for easy maneuverability.  The surface area of the wood mop head is 11″ x 18″, which is large enough to deal with big hardwood flooring areas.  After using, simply take the dust mop outside and shake it out.  The manufacturer recommends hand washing the mop head with lukewarm water and mild soap and hang to air dry.  The Big Wooly is made in the USA by Slack Mop Company who has been around for over 110 years.  This is a high quality dust mop for hard surfaces that I can’t say enough good things about.

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Best Electric Broom for Hardwood Floors

Editor Pick – Comfyer Swift Cordless Electric Spin Mop Sweeper for Wood Floors

Comfyer Swift Cordless Electric Spin Mop, Floor Cleaner Mop, 2 in 1 Power Scrubber Brush P[...]

If you’re tired of sweeping your hardwood flooring with a traditional broom/dust mop, I highly recommend you go with the cordless electric 2 in 1 spin mop by Comfyer.  This versatile electric broom has a bunch of functions aside from just cleaning dust and debris like a traditional broom.  You can sweep, mop, wax, glaze and spray your flooring by simply changing the cleaning pads.  The 2 speeds allow you to adjust for different types of flooring surfaces.  The powerful dual spinning motors remove stuck on dirt and dust on your wood & laminate floors, but also on marble, tile and stone surfaces.  The battery life is excellent at right around an hour of run time on a full charge (charger included).  The unit will quick charge in 2.5 hours, so it’s always ready to clean.  The mop pads are machine washable so you can use them over again.

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Broom Buyers Guide

Even though a hardwood floor broom isn’t going to damage your floor finish,  picking the right one is essential, as not just any old broom will do the job. The finish you have on your floors will determine which broom is best suited to clean it carefully and thoroughly.  However, a general rule of thumb is to always select a hardwood broom with the softest bristle possible.  This will ensure that you don’t scratch or damage the finish.

Soft Brooms For Hardwood

Soft-bristled brooms, usually made from nylon are what homeowners tend to use on hardwood surfaces.  It’s well known that grime, sand and dirt are just a few of the enemies of hardwood floors.  To  avoid excessive wear damage to your wood or its finish, it is always recommended that you sweep your floor every day.  This is the best time to use soft-bristled brooms. Keep in mind that brooms with stiff bristles may scratch the surface of your floor. You should also use a different broom for your kitchen and outside areas, so you can prevent spreading of cooking debris or food spills throughout your house.

On the other hand, dry dust mop serves as the best alternative for sweeping.  Products like the Swiffer Sweeper have static charged dry mop cloths that attract dust and debris.  These are a great way to get the particles that a soft bristled hardwood broom just can’t manage to sweep up.

Rubber Bristle Brooms

You can also opt in using rubber brooms. This is kind of which have short rubber bristles. They are great for hardwood since the have soft but durable head. They will never mar or scratch your floors.  You may also want to consider buying a hardwood flooring vacuum, which can tackle slightly larger messes with ease.

Although most people never consider this broom for hardwood, this is much better than the traditional broom. Its pliable rubber bristles form a barrier, so if it is being pulled all along the floor, all of the dust and dirt and even hair are being removed. This is because the bristles are also static charged, like the Swiffer,  keeping all debris on the broom itself, and not spreading it as the broom is pushed and pulled. Rubber brooms are considered one of the top brooms for hardwood floors by cleaning professionals and will greatly extend the life of laminate or true hardwood flooring.

Through proper use of soft brooms for hardwoods, you keep your floors looking great and lasting for decades. For daily cleaning there’s no need to apply expensive and harsh chemicals. Over time, chemicals will harm your floors finish and potentially the health of your family. Instead, make use of the conventional brooms and sweep away germs, dirt, bacteria and dust.

Dust Mops

Many of the brooms featured in our top 10 list can be classified as a traditional dust mop.  This is a broom with a dry cleaning pad which is either electrostatically charged or infused with a substance such as lanolin.  This helps the broom pad attract as much dust as possible, trapping it in the fibers of the dust mop.  Most dust mops on the market today have removable pads which can be machine or hand washed for reuse.

Dust Cleaning Sweepers

Most people associate dust cleaning sweepers with products like the Swiffer dust mop.  This type of sweeper has a disposable pad that attaches to a handle and sweeper head which is normally about 12 to 16 inches wide.  The pad attracts the dust and is thrown away after using.  Other dust sweepers will have reusable microfiber pads which attach to the sweeper head.  These can be washed after use which is more environmentally friendly than the traditional Swiffer mops.

Wisp Brooms

Straw Brooms

Floor Sweepers

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